Aalee India Export Private Limited , established in 2008, is a SEDEX Compliant company.

We are a trusted name for high quality Leather goods, Dog Collars and accessories, Saddlery tack, Belts, Bags, Wallets, Hunting goods.

Our products have found wide acceptance worldwide with our discerning customers for their finish, quality and prices.


India Exports (P) Ltd.

Leather craft

Our Craftsmen @work

Dog Collars & Accessories

In the world of handcrafted pet accessories manufacturing, a symphony of artistry and love for animals unfolds. Craftsmen, dedicated to their furry clientele, meticulously design and produce accessories that seamlessly blend style with functionality.

Leather Bags

In the realm of handcrafted leather bag manufacturing, artisans weave a narrative of tradition and skill. Every bag is born from a careful orchestration of craftsmanship, where seasoned hands mold, stitch, and breathe life into raw hides.